that children and adults have the ability to learn how to play piano or sing and make good music. My approach is different in that I tap into that natural creativity and expression to bring out the best possible result. 


Piano Lessons

Solving the Practice Problem

2019-2020 Enrollment

 Studio North Reno Nevada Area



Successful Piano Group Classes

100.00 per month for 4 weekly 60 minute lessons

(8 years and up)

  Private or Online Piano Lessons

120.00 per month for 4 weekly 30 minute lessons

(6 years and up)    


Private Voice Lessons Offered 

(12 years and up)

160.00 per month for 4 weekly 45 minute 

200.00 per month 4 weekly 60 minute

Multiple Family Discount’s Available

*Method Books, other learning materials or the yearly Registration/Tech Fee of $25.00 not included.

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